Community Services

There are several community services, projects and concepts and their varying aspects that we cover in this section of the website dedicated to bringing the information to our readers in an easy-to-follow format.

There are many ways in which the community may be served and it is this tack of thinking that will take us through the different aspects of this subject. What it boils down to is that communities need to have points of reference when it comes to their needs and how those needs will be satisfied is answered by the services provided.

Serving Communities

community servicesHow can your local community be served to improve the way it fulfils the requirements of the people that make it up? This is a good way to start by thinking about what you need and what needs to happen before that can be satisfied!

Any group of people will need basic locally provided services such as clean water, food, housing, fuel, energy, transportation, health care, medical care etc and the respective administrations and workforce to supply them. In the main, this form of civilization works well enough in most localities, but there is often room for improvement.

No matter what you might do for a living or what your personal circumstances may be, there is always a way in which you may serve your community. All it takes is sitting down and thinking about what you have to offer and how you may translate that into real assistance in the area you have chosen.

You may surprise yourself when you try things that you have not tried before and discover you have hidden talents you perhaps may never have dreamed you had!

What is SHS Research Fund?

Social and health services is an organization, transforming lives program, health information, social services and social care.

We are raising money for our "Transforming Lives Program" and "SHS Research Fund" and we are asking for only £10,000. The funds will go towards health research practices, website building, organizing workshops/events and health studies to fight diseases such as:

  1. Cancer
  2. Heart Disease
  3. HIV and Aids
  4. Disabilities
  5. Diabetes
  6. Viruses and Many more

SHS Research Fund Project

Our goal is to meet some of the top professional health experts worldwide. We will collect as much information and carry out practical tests in public health laboratories

We need the funds as soon as possible, so then we can prepare our research tour.

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