Journey to Obesity and Back

A casual observer from outside looking in at the current trend towards obesity in the United States and many other westernized countries might appear to be more than a little confused.

They will be able to clearly see that there are a plethora of aids to help people to lose weight and indeed there is all the weight loss information they will ever need at their fingertips thanks to the global reach of the Internet.

So if there is all this help for people to maintain a healthy physical weight and appearance, why are more and more people becoming overweight and tending towards obesity?

Look Closer at the Problem

obesity and backThat casual observer might not get their answer to this question until they look a little deeper at what is a huge problem that many seem unwilling to tackle or have become so apathetic that they simply do not care.

But scratch under the surface and you will see some worrying correlations between the rise in the availability and demand for processed foods and the rise in the statistics for those who have become measurably overweight and those who have become clinically obese.

Then take a look at what is fuelling that trend and you will then notice a similar rise in the aggressive advertising and marketing of such products. These are products that encompass an ever widening variety of choice. This ranges from humble snack bars, cookies and cakes through ready-to-eat meals to junk restaurant food.

TV Advertising Hell

The television has a huge influence on people because it is so strongly attractive. If you don't believe me, try walking into a room with a TV switched on and some ads being run and see if your attention is not almost immediately drawn towards it.

You might even force yourself to look away and try and engage another person in the room in conversation, but in no time at all, you will both be drawn back to something playing on that TV! This is no accident; it is carefully and cunningly planned that way.

All About Profit

TV advertising companies make millions of dollars by creating thirty second ads that sell stuff to TV viewers. It works and it works so well that manufacturers and service providers are climbing over each other to spend those huge sums from their advertising budgets because they know they will get it all back and more, much more.

It would be hard to find someone who doesn't know what a Macdonalds hamburger is, or what nice refreshing bottle of Coke looks like. Or tastes like, for that matter.

Food Addiction Hell

It doesn't stop with the advertisers. Recent studies into the causes of obesity in otherwise healthy adults, teens and even children have identified certain combinations of additives and flavorings that are found in processed foods can be addictive.

It is not enough that a huge chunk of the population is being hoodwinked by the advertisers into buying food they really do not need or even want. Once they have bought those food items and eaten them, they get hooked on the taste and want more!

This is virtually the opposite to being able to eat your way to weight loss, when the food is all geared to weight gain!

Processed Foods

Of course the more people eat of these processed, unhealthy foods, the more weight they will gain. That's because of the constituents of that food, which is typically high in high Glycemic (GI) carbohydrates (simple refined carbs), refined sugars, salt, trans fats and all those insidious (often unpronounceable) additives.

It all leads to people consuming an unhealthy cocktail of bad ingredients all packaged up in a tempting, great looking and tasting gimmick.

The Way Back to Health

There is a way back from this unhealthy food addiction Hell, but it takes some measure of personal strength, determination and will power.

It will also take a huge shift in lifestyle choices. But it can be done by anyone who is willing to make a health hop in the right direction and go ahead and do it.

The first step is to limit the amount of television you watch.

Limit TV Time

If you can stop watching it altogether, you will be amazed at how fulfilling your life can once again become. But most people feel the TV is a crutch or a means to fill the void in an otherwise empty life.

This is a shame, because a life ruled by the TV is the unfulfilled, empty one. Whereas the person that takes charge of their life and recognizes that the TV is really only an occasional form of entertainment and spends most of their time in following more interesting pursuits is the one who will find fulfilment.

Avoid Ads in the Media

Getting away from the television is the first step to regaining your health, whether you believe that or not. The next step is to cut down or stop reading glossy magazines, which are also amazingly good at advertising stuff you do not really want and making you believe that you do want it.

Newspapers are also a non-important part of life that you can do without once you truly recognize that you are the one that can control your life and not allow these peripheral media to rule it for you.

Avoid Processed Foods

The next step is to literally stop eating processed foods. Think you can do that? Well, here's a thing.

Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right!

That is not double talk, but one of the great truths of life. Being able to do a thing or not is almost always governed by your belief in whether you can do it or not. If you really believe you can quit eating processed junk, then you can and you will.

Set Yourself Free

Without the mesmerizing TV to ram it down your throat, you will soon feel less interested in the unhealthy stuff anyway and be more interested in a healthy diet of real (natural) food. It's like setting yourself free!

Then when you go to the store to buy food, you will amaze yourself at how you can spot unhealthy food at ten paces and be able to happily walk on by to the fresh food counters.

You will learn to pick up an item off the shelf and instead of dropping it straight into your shopping cart, you will read the label to find out what ingredients it contains.

Recognize What NOT to Eat

Before long you will learn to recognize the bad ingredients for what they are and feel fully justified in putting that item straight back on the shelf if it contains anything you do not like the look of.

That is all about overcoming adult obesity, taking your life back and putting yourself back in the driving seat, in control!


Once you are in control of your life, your heath will miraculously improve and if you have becomes overweight, that weight will reduce until your regain your ideal weight and size.

As you start feeling better from the inside, you will naturally have more energy and need to use that energy in getting involved in more activities that will build your strength and improve your metabolism.

It will all be natural and it will happen at a natural pace, but gradually you will see the benefits in better health and fitness levels while your physical appearance gets better and better. This is the way back and it is available for everyone to take advantage of, if they are willing to take that first step and see it through to a successful and happy conclusion.