General Health

A person's general health is the most important thing in their life, transcending wealth, status, fame or station.

Physical healthfulness is life itself and without it, life degrades to a point where it becomes untenable. With it, life is amazing!

So why do so many people ignore their well being and allow circumstances to dictate how they'll feel today or even if they're going to make it out of bed in the morning?

The simple answer is that so many people are unaware of the importance of maintaining a good level of health, so they go blissfully through life allowing themselves to deteriorate and hoping the doctor will take care of them when things go wrong and they need medical intervention.

general healthThis section of the website is dedicated to looking at several aspects of a person's overall health and how it is incorporated within their everyday sphere of life.

What is Health?

I'm referring to good physical health here, since this is the subject being covered in this short overview article. This is an aspect of human life that is mainly dictated, in order of importance, by a person's state of mind, their diet and their activity levels.

So let's take each one of these in turn and look at how they affect the delicate balance of a person's state of healthfulness.

State of Mind

This may surprise a lot of people to learn that whatever is going on in the mind is having an effect on the physical state of the body. That is to say, the predominant thoughts a person has throughout the day affect heir emotional state and those emotions can bring the body's state of health up or bring it down.

This can actually be put to the test very simply.

Think of a time when you were immensely happy. Keep that thought uppermost in your mind for as long as you can and while you're doing that, really get inside that thought and pretend you're actually reliving that time or event right now.

If you were to catch your reflection in a mirror right now, you'd almost certainly be smiling! While you're doing that, think about how you're feeling right in this moment. I'll bet you're feeling pretty good, right?

Of course you are. The reason for that is you are thinking about a time when you were happy and by reliving it, you're experiencing that happiness again right now. But how is that affecting your health?

You might not be able to see it, but inside your body, things are happening that are boosting your health at all levels and all areas. The cells are expanding, growing in health while your immune system is undergoing a revitalization and strengthening.

Your blood pressure is normalizing and your heartbeat is stronger and more rhythmic without being too fast, while your respiratory system is efficient and providing your blood with more oxygen (which is then boosting your brain function). Your muscles are relaxed and your digestive system is running at a more efficient rate.

This is all being controlled by the mind!

I don't recommend you try the other test, which is to see how bad you can make yourself feel simply by thinking about a time you felt really bad. Suffice it to say, you will notice the opposite experience, which is not what you want!


The food you eat and the liquids you drink have a profound effect on the state of your physical being.

When you eat good, wholesome foods that are natural as possible without any additives or harmful chemicals present and drink lots of plain, fresh water, your body responds by detoxifying, burning excess visceral fat and better dealing with invading viruses and harmful bacteria with a revitalized immune system.

On the flip side, when you eat mostly processed, junk food and foods loaded with added sugars, harmful chemicals and other additives then wash it all down with soda or other sweetened, flavored drinks, you'll be doing the opposite to your body.

The digestive process is unable to cope properly and fewer nutrients reach the parts of the body that need them. The immune system is suppressed, allowing disease to gain access much more easily. You gain excess visceral fat, become overweight and set up a climate for disease to proliferate.

Whether you intend to diet to lose weight or to improve your health, you should consider choosing foods that are wholesome and in their natural state where possible. This way you will make your diet work while gaining the most in terms of nutrition for the amount of food you will eat without having excess baggage from unhealthy and often toxic additives found in processed foods.


When you lead a moderately active lifestyle, you know you feel good because your body is in shape and you have plenty of energy and enthusiasm for life. Regular exercise can take many forms from high energy workouts in the gym to more leisurely pursuits such as walking or swimming that more gently create a good level of fitness.

The opposite is true of leading a sedentary lifestyle where you may work sitting at a desk or sitting driving a vehicle, do little walking and no other exercise form then come home from work (by car) to spend the evening slumped on the sofa watching TV before going to bed and then the cycle begins the next day.

The latter scenario is a recipe for illness, lack of energy, lethargy, and wasting muscle tissue while gaining weight through excess fat deposits because you are simply not doing enough to burn off the excess sugars from probably a bad diet.


One last factor I want to tack onto the end of this list is making sure you maintain a good level of hydration in your body. That means drinking plenty of plain water each day and avoiding soda and flavored sweet drinks. The body is made up of 70% water as many experts will happily remind you and it is your job to maintain that level.

Becoming dehydrated can have a negative effect on the mental function, which can have the knock-on effect of placing your body in a negative, downward state. Your mental state can suffer equally as depression can set in, while your diet compensates for the low liquid intake as you eat more than you need because you mistake a feeling of thirst for a feeling of hunger.

All in all, your health is your responsibility, not that of your doctor. It is you who eats, drinks, exercises and directs your mind to think happy thoughts as much as possible. Or not. You choose which it is to be.

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