Hypothyroidism and Low Thyroid

A surprising number of people live daily with an underactive thyroid gland, otherwise known as hypothyroidism which can affect the sufferer in a variety of ways depending on how certain hormones become unbalanced by the thyroid gland's inability to regulate hormone release in the body.

In this article, we take a look at this condition and how it affects people in various ways.


underactive thyroid gland hypothyroidismWhat are the symptoms of Hypothyroidism? The most common are fatigue and intolerance to help cold. If everybody is wearing short sleeves and you are wearing a coat, you most likely have a hypothyroid issue.

Some of the more common symptoms include:

Other symptoms associated with this condition may include:

How to Recognise the Condition?

You can ask your doctor to do a thyroid test or conduct the examples below simple self-test at home:

One should first sleep through the full night. (The test will not work if you have gotten up or arrived at the bathroom. ) While you're awake but still during sex, take your temperature in the armpit. Do this and log the temperatures 3 days in a very row.

A normal reading would be between 97.8 and 98.2 Fahrenheit. If your reading is below 97.8 it could likely indicate hypothyroid activity. (Above 98.2 could indicate hyperthyroid process). If you are menstruating, take your temperature relating to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day in the period.

Causative Influences

Influences that can contribute to Hypothyroidism tend to be malnourishment, and thyroid and pituitary exhaustion thanks to excessive caffeine, sugar, alcohol as well stimulants. Malnourishment, of course, does not mean a shortage of food, but rather, your diet of processed, unnatural foods that will be not nourishing.

Other environmental factors include the intake of fluoridated water, and pesticides and radiation.

Women Be Aware

One out of eight women will establish hypothyroid problems in their lives. The condition quite often manifests between 30 together with 50, along with the hormonal changes taking place then. As soon whenever you enter this age spectrum, it pays to stay aware of this issue and especially thyroid disease in pregnancy.

By "nipping it in the bud" you can spare yourself unnecessary suffering. The main reason why the regular use on the natural progesterone hormone cream like Prosperin are often very helpful.

Below are some suggestions for helpful supplementation that may help to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with this condition.

  1. 2000 to 3000 mg. of kelp per day (kelp is rich within iodine, vitamin B in addition to folic acid) and/or
  2. D-Tyrosine, 500 mg. twice daily, taken on an empty stomach, and not by means of milk.
  3. Raw thyroid glandular - available through your physician.
  4. Prosperine designed for women, Prosperon for adult men. To learn the benefits of natural progesterone emulsions.
  5. 2000 mg. vitamin C, to support your adrenal glands

And since always, avoid stress, remainder, enjoy your life, consume a healthy diet, and do the necessary disciplines with joy, every moment.