What Kids Feel About Divorce

When parents end up getting divorced, the kids are usually the ones to suffer the most from the breakdown of the marriage and have strong feelings about the situation.

In short, they are certainly up against it.

While it is a shame to say so, it is true that not all relationships will go on forever. There are of course some are that will last the test of time and yet there are others that are simply destined to be short-lived.

Even the strongest marriage may simply not be excluded from the dramas and hassles that many go through, making it all the more difficult when it comes time to end it. When married couples get to that point where it comes time to call it quits, that is when the ugly subject of divorce rears its unwanted head.


However, when married couples agree to pursue a divorce, your choice is often times based on their emotions and not simply by logical thinking. Many people are more likely to become emotional when dealing with a divorce; they are not entirely thinking or weighing the effects of their decision, especially upon their particular children.

Soon-to-be-separated couples with no children are deemed to be somewhat luckier than their offspring laden counterparts, for the process of divorcing is generally a lot easier for them. Aside from the problems of haggling with legal professionals and surviving the emotional stress of the entire separation process, parents with children still need considering the welfare of their kids.

In fact, the children ought to be the first thing that parents must evaluate when thinking about conclusion their marriage.

Intentions for Separation

For some couples who intend to separate, they sometimes forget to help you ask their kids how they experience it. They fail to see that their children may well experience emotional abuse over the entire divorce process.

With the separation as a start to a new life for separated dad and mom, they should try to know their new responsibilities, and this include trying their very best to protect their kids from the negative effects of separation.

The following will be the common effects of divorcing upon children:

  1. The child may experience fear and anxiety over the issue of divorce.

    If the children are too young to understand the thought of their parents divorcing, then it is likely that understanding and taking the whole situation might be a lot easier. However, if teenagers or adolescents could be the ones involved, then divorcing parents may need to deal with more serious emotional problems.

    It is possible for teens to suffer being afraid or being very anxious over the whole unfortunate process. They will often feel ashamed and careful on how their peers may react on the new family status. Conversely, they may often feel scared and unsure of what the future lies for them.
  2. The kid may feel torn between their two parents.

    It is incredibly common among divorce issues wherein the little one may feel torn around his parents. Divorced couples often times overlook this trauma on their children, for they become obsessed about whom the youngster should spend the majority of time with. The child, of course, may feel guilty when choosing concerning his parents whom your dog both loved and respectable.

To protect children from experiencing the worst aspects of the negative effects of divorce, moms and dads should:

  1. Try to get selective and careful concerning information they share using their children.

    Remember that every infant has different ways to manage their parents' separation. Some usually takes it lightly and others might take it very seriously. This commonly happens in the event the parents themselves fail to help you spare their kids with the dirty works of this kind of final legal separation.

    Hence, it can be best to simply not include the children in the main issues surrounding separation.
  2. Always be available whenever their child needs them.

    Although the divorce requires considerable time and attention, parents must not forget to spend more of their time with their children. It can be a must for parents to become always present whenever their child wants to talk to your potential customers.