Weight Loss

While there are an enormous variety of strategies and methods that a person can employ in order to lose weight, there really are only a handful of pure, fundamental basics that everything stems from.

These are the foundations of weight loss and they really encompass three vital areas, which are diet, physical exercise and mental attitude.

All other areas of the process come from getting these three areas in the right balance. And then it's simply a case of putting the things that have been learned and understood into practice by doing them.

weight lossHere in this article we'll take a look at the three basic tips for weight loss that must be adhered to if a person expects to enjoy good success.

Mental Attitude

Before anything can happen for a person to lose any weight or improve their general health or fitness levels, they must adopt the right mental attitude for any of it to work.

Not only that, but equally importantly, having the right attitude towards losing weight is essential if the person is even going to take the first steps and get anything done.

To succeed, you need to be positive, set realistic weight loss goals and expect success. It's no good sitting idly in an easy chair dreaming of having the perfect body if you don't expect to get it and by doing so are placing yourself in the frame of mind that will get you out of the chair and into the gym or out into the fresh air!

In short, being positive in mind means you stand a far better chance of getting what you want because firstly, you want it and secondly, you are motivated to do what is necessary for you to get it.

Healthy Diet

Just about every book ever written and every article ever published online or in a magazine on losing weight will tell you that your diet and selecting the things you are allowing yourself to eat and drink is vitally important to your success.

While there will always be some people who seem to have an uncanny ability to eat whatever they want and still remain super thin, they are not the ones who are reading articles like this and often it is thanks to a super active metabolism that they are remaining so thin despite what they are eating.

For the rest of us whether it be a man or a woman losing weight, eating healthily and moderately is the key to maintaining a healthy body weight. But when it comes to actually reducing that body weight because it has become excessive, dieting restrictions are necessary to limit the amount of calories that are being consumed, while increasing the number of calories that the body is using.

Diet alone is often not enough to create what is often dubbed a "calorie deficit" of sufficient proportions to result in continuous weight loss over time until a target weight is achieved. It generally needs to be combined with exercise to boost the body's metabolism so that the body is burning more fuel (glucose) throughout the day that will create that negative calorie balance and result in fat being used up to make up the energy shortfall.

Physical Exercise

By exercising daily, any person will increase the amount of energy their body uses. This means they use more calories. The more they exercise, the more energy they will use (calories being merely units of heat energy).

When exercise is combined with a calorie restricted diet that is at the same time healthy, wholesome and nutritious then the body has at its disposal all the ingredients it needs to exercise for longer and build muscle strength and mass. The stronger the muscles get, the more energy they will consume to perform a given amount of work.

So by exercising daily, a person can improve their ability to burn more energy (calories) while consuming fewer through diet and creating a good calorie deficit. This can be moderate exercise and not necessarily involve strenuous weight lifting or excessive aerobic workouts.

It can be seen that weight loss success all boils down to ensuring that the three basics are adhered to. By being positive in mental attitude, eating a healthy, sensible diet and exercising daily anyone can lose weight in a timely manner that will ensure good health and greater fitness levels.

Once the target weight has been achieved, it is not a signal to go out and eat like a pig and stop exercising! By maintaining a healthy lifestyle that you have already gotten used to in this way, you can be sure of maintaining a healthy weight and level of fitness for the rest of your life if you choose to.

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