Eat Your Way to Weight Loss

What if you could literally eat your way to weight loss in an easy and convenient manner and not have to worry about counting calories or all the other hassles of dieting?

Well, while you won't lose any weight by binging on pizza, hamburgers, fries, chocolate cake and washing it all down with liberal amounts of soda, you can actually do it if you eat right.

Let's take a look at how this can be done. But first, let's look at what's going wrong for so many people to be heading in the wrong direction on the bathroom scales.

Why Are So Many People Obese?

eat to lose weightIsn't it somewhat alarming that with so many people being overweight these days that despite all the weight loss help, advice and products and programs that are available, the numbers are still rising?

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that there is something quite fundamental at the root of this problem. And that something has more to do with eating too much of the wrong foods (hint: sugar and carbs) coupled with lacking sufficient exercise to burn off all that excess energy which, because it's not used, gets stored as fat.

So if in the main, people are not doing anything to help themselves, then it makes sense to provide simple solutions that they can use to improve their physical condition.

Taking the Easy Way Out

Looking for the easiest way of losing weight is not really something that should be mocked as it has a lot of potential benefits. The reason for this is that when something is easy to do, a person is far more likely to do it.

With losing weight, a diet or some other kind of program that is seen as being easy to do is one that will be stuck with to a successful conclusion. One way of finding which of the many methods is going to be the easiest for a person to do is to take a look through the many really useful weight loss tips that are found online.

This is a great starting block for anyone who isn't too sure what they are going to do for themselves and will give them a lot of great ideas to work with. Once a good collection of these tips have been put together, then a person can start to par them down to those that they feel are best suited to them and their own personal needs.

These are the ones that will seem to be the easiest to do, mainly because they are compatible with the way a person lives their life and what their preferences are.

After all, people are different in many ways not least of all in the way one person will like something that another will dislike. It is the things that we like most that we find the easiest to get along with, so those things that can help us to lose weight which we like to do will be the most effective for sure.

Good Tips for Weight Loss Win

With all the many different ways and means of losing weight available to anyone who is keen to do so, it can come as quite a surprise to learn that by reverting to basics can actually be the most successful way of achieving the best results. So what are these essential basics of losing weight that are so easy to administer yet so effective when used correctly?

It all boils down to the two most fundamental of all weight loss advice, which are those of eating a balanced, sensible diet and making sure you get plenty of physical activity in the form of exercise each day. It also helps to maintain a positive, upbeat state of mind as this helps to motivate you to sticking to your good diet and daily exercise program.


A good diet does not necessarily need to be so restrictive in the kinds of foods you eat, but just follow a sensible pattern. Aside from choosing to go on a commercial meal replacement diet meal delivery program like Nutrisystem in 2021 or something similar, you can get tougher on yourself over what you habitually eat each day.

This will mean including lots of fresh ingredients such as vegetables, fish, lean meats, salads and fruits, which will naturally displace the more unhealthy processed foods that tend to make up so many people's unhealthy diets. Stop drinking soda and instead drink plain water and you will reduce your weekly calorie intake by a huge amount while keeping yourself better hydrated to keep your metabolic rate up.

How does any of this help you burn fat and get slimmer?

Your body is designed to store energy during times of plenty (when food is plentiful) so it can survive through times of scarcity (when food is limited or not available). That was fine for our ancestors that lived in caves and only ate when they could catch and kill something, which wasn't all that often.

However, it doesn't suit modern humans with 24/7 access to food stores and vending machines that make sure we never need to go hungry as long as we have money to pay for things.

It's because we keep eating all day long, only stopping to sleep, that our bodies never stop storing all the excess glucose as fat. And believe me, looking at the typical American diet, there is an incredible abundance of ingredients in food that is eaten that the body can turn into glucose!

The sensible thing to do is to stop eating for a good long period of time each day to allow the body to reset itself and help your diet to work. If you give it time to use up all the glucose it makes from what you consume, it will have to find the energy it needs to keep going from the fat store.

Depleting the fat store inside the body is the only safe and healthy way to not just lose weight but to get slim and start looking like you're supposed to look. I don't mean you have to be as thin as many fashion models are, but I do mean you should look like a correctly proportioned human being!

You can do that by eating certain foods (for example a low carbohydrate, ketogenic style of diet) but you must not keep eating all day long!

Intermittent Fasting

The word for it is Intermittent Fasting and it simply means you can eat inside of 6-8 hours in the day but for the rest of it, you must not eat. Now that may sound pretty radical, but really it's easier to do than you might think.

Here's how I do it:

I eat my main meal of the day in the early afternoon, usually around 2pm as is normal where I live. I take my time over that meal and have usually finished eating by 4pm.

I drink herbal tea or plain water until I go to bed at around midnight. By this time, I have not eaten for about 8 hours. I sleep for 8 hours, get up at 8am, drink a glass of water then take my dogs for a long walk. By now I haven't eaten for 16 hours and I do not feel in the least bit hungry!

When I get back, I make some coffee (I drink it black, no sugar, obviously) and get to work on the computer. By 11am I start to feel hungry, which is fine since I have already gone 19 hours without food.

I may head for the kitchen then, or I might have a short workout and a shower, then go eat something by midday. That gives me a nice 20 hour mini-fast and in that time I have reaped a lot of health benefits, as well as burned some fat (I don't have too much to spare, but it's always good to force the body to to what it is designed to do)!

I will expand on many health the benefits of intermittent fasting in a separate article.

If you don't feel you can go so long without eating, you're wrong! But to begin with, you should start small, aiming for just a 12 hour fast which, considering 8 hours of it will be sleeping, is pretty easy to do.

Then lengthen the amount of time you don't eat for gradually day by day until you can go much longer without feeling any adverse hunger. Trust me, your hunger will get less and less the longer you go without food each day as your body gets used to the new habitual way of eating.


A good exercise regimen will not necessarily mean working out in a gym every day unless you want to. But can include simple activities like going for long walks, taking the stairs in place of elevators, swimming and generally being more active and sitting around less.

It all counts toward your daily activity quota, so use common sense and make everything you do count.

By following common sense and seeing the obvious benefits from making these slight alterations to your daily eating and activity habits will bring surprising results, After all, losing weight should be no more difficult than you want to make it.